Join Memorial Day’s

Murph Hero WOD

MAY 276 AM7:30 AM10 AM

Limit 30 athletes per class.

Murph Workout Schedule

WOB Open Hangover Schedule
RX1 mile run100 pulls ups200 push ups300 squats1 mile runIf you have vest, wear it.
Intermediate1 mile run10 rounds: 10 pull ups20 push ups30 squats1 mile run
Scaled (AMRAP)400m run / 500 m row15 ring rows25 box push ups35 air squats5 burpeesRepeat for 30 minutes

What is CrossFit Murph?

CrossFit Murph is a memorial day workout in honor and remembrance of those who have served and died for our great country. Join the Funky Fam this memorial Day (May 27th) as we do the ‘Murph” WOD in three heats (6 AM, 7:30 AM and 10 AM). Friends and family are welcome to join!