Kids Room Rules for Parents

Please read carefully. Thank you!

  • Children must remain in the kids room during class.  Please inform your child of this rule before class. If your child leaves the kids room, please stop what you are doing and bring them back to the kids room.  Please understand this is for your child’s SAFETY. It is also VERY distracting to the coaches, which could compromise the safety and experience of your fellow athletes.
  • No climbing on the walls or playing with the doors.
  • No drinks of any kind. (Bottles or sip cups).
  • No food or snacks of any kind. ( potential allergy or chocking hazard for others)
  • We do not change diapers. You will be called and asked to do any diaper changes.
  • Children must be escorted to the restroom by their parents. Please take your child to the restroom before drop off. If your child needs to use restroom after being dropped off, we will ask you to walk them to the restroom.
  • No disruptive behavior. If a child does not listen to the instructions of the supervisor, the parent must stop their workout to handle the situation. If the behavior continues, you will be notified of the complaints via phone or email. If the disruptive behavior still continues, you will be asked to leave your child at home.

  • Crying child.  We will work with parents on consoling a child especially children new to the Kids Room, however if we cannot console a child we will ask the parent to remove child and try another time. Please note it may take several attempts to have child feel comfortable. One on one attention is not always available depending on the other children that in the room.
  • After class. For the safety of everyone please be mindful if there are personal training sessions going on or other people using the equipment. We wouldn’t want weight being dropped on the kids or people tripping over children.
  • Baby sitting service vs. day care service. We are not a licensed day care facility and are not governed by any state laws. We are a baby sitting service. We attempt to make the service convenient for as many members as we can and try to make it fun and enjoyable for as many children as we can. Please understand that this service is not for everyone, based on what individual expectations may be.